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Global players in the field of Technology and communication,
International Creative Media Company
recognized as one the world broadcast innovator company of all time.

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Who we are 

International Creative Media is a multinational corporation with subsidiaries around the Globe. ICM creates white-label OTT live, linear and Video-On-Demand streaming services that are cost-efficient, user friendly, scalable and easy to customize.
This includes front-end applications, ready for instantaneous use by your audience. We help you start your TV viewing immediately and with reduced costs.

ICM white-label OTT TV streaming on the SaaS platform, delivers the promise of next-generation technology for sophisticated and full-featured content delivery. You do not have to update your technology; we will do it for you.

Our complete, integrated and state-of-the-art selection of services, allows any person, community and even over-the-top television providers to start broadcasting their content digitally and expand their monetization options, using analytics to gather insights that drive increased digital video revenue

We are the leader today in White-label OTT streaming, with a multiplicity of tools.

Our goal is to provide an opportunity to our clients to be the owner of their own TV streaming channel, boost social engagement and to build pride within their communities.

In addition to OTT TV, ICM helps communities to improve their engagement, increase interactivities and thereby create more businesses and job opportunities. 


           TV anytime, anywhere on any screen.