Monetize and enrich your business with our feature-rich SaaS platform

ICM provides a variety of features, including product catalogue management, offer management, multiple payment methods, and add-on products. It offers product support for complex offerings, multiple price points and currencies as well as turnkey integration with social identity management partners.

Monetization of your service is crucial. ICM helps you monetize your channel in every possible manner (subscription, paywall, freemium, advertisement, pay-per-view or donation) to maximize value. This is supported by the wide range of possible cash-in methods via flexible non-cash channels, such as IPG of credit card, debit card and airtime voucher with various supported payment APIs.


Whether you intend providing SVOD, TVOD, live-to-VOD, promotional offers or auto-renewals, we have you covered with a turnkey solution in terms of the SaaS model. You may even launch your own voucher and loyalty programme to support the closed loop payment and premium access. Media businesses depend heavily on advertisement - and we understand it.

Commercial ads will therefore be made easy to insert in any content and in real time. You have the ultimate control of your channel, including the level of monetization. No need to worry about the YouTube revenue-share policy anymore. You are the one who decides how much you want to earn from a particular transaction.